ICUMSA 45 Sugar is the world’s foremost consumable sugar. It is highly refined sugar product; this product is easily recognizable by its pure sucrose taste and characteristic sparkling white color. ICUMSA 45 is continually in high demand as it is the safest form of sugar range, due to the element that the refining procedure by which it is created eliminates the bacteria and contaminants frequently present in raw sugars which can pose a risk to human’s health.


ICUMSA grades are created on a test which defines the accurate colour of the sugar and lead into this in a statistical reading. This test works as the sugar’s colour is straight related to how much refining it has undergone. Raw sugar is right dark in colour, but highly refined sugar is the familiar twinkling white colour best often related with sugar.

The ICUMSA Test is conceded out with a mechanism that is called tristimulus colorimeter. This is a machine that fires several wavelengths of light at sugar sample, and perceives which were absorbed by the sugar sample, and reflected back. Dark colours rivet a great contract of light, whereas light colours absorb very little. For this reason the colorimeter return a low result of ICUMSA 45 when examining highly refined sugar.

Brazil Agro Exports are direct exporters of highest quality refined sugar, ICUMSA 45, ICUMSA-100 and we sell world-wide at very reasonable prices. We are watching for serious customers/clients to create a long time business relationship.

Content Specification
Refined Sugar Refined Standards To Icumsa 45
Polarization 99.80 Degrees Min
Sulphur dioxide 20 mg/kg Min.
Ash content 0.04% Max. weight
Moisture 0.04% Max
Solubility 100% Dry & Free Flowing
Radiation Sguar 0.05% Max
Colour Sparkling White
Granulation Fine To Medium
Reducing Sugar 0.05% Max by weight
Substance Solid Crystal


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